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Daniel Radcliffe Icons
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Welcome to danrad_icons, a community dedicated to British actor Daniel Radcliffe, star of the Harry Potter movies (playing of course, Harry Potter) and movies such as David Copperfield and December Boys.

Now we don't ask for much but...

.community rules.
001 . If you have more than 3 icons, put them behind either a LJ-cut or a link. Teaser icons are encouraged but please, no more than 3 teasers.
002 . Multifandom icon posts are fine, but a significant amount have to be of Daniel or of him in any of his roles.
003 . If there's profanity or nudity in your post, don't post it outside the cut/link and briefly mention it so those who would be offended are warned.
004 . Blank icons/bases are fine, but they must be posted with other icons.
005 . This isn't a request community, so any posts that requesting graphics will be deleted. No exceptions.
006 . Always respect others' opinions and views.

earthlyillusion and domluver.

If you'd like to affiliate with danrad_icons, then just send a request to either of our moderators.

.link to us.

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